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 News | General | Legendary band Camouflage in Moscow again.
News >> General >> Legendary band Camouflage in Moscow again.

Legendary band Camouflage in Moscow again.


Seems, the brightest music event of this year is returning to Moscow of the legendary German band Camouflage which deserved to be called the founders of the synthpop music style. On December 10th, 2006 at Moscow Apelsin club took place long awaited concert during Camouflage's Relocated Tour.

Camouflage Live in Moscow

Marcus, Oliver and Heiko did their best and show was really good, full of emotions and energy. Camouflage has come with the new album, new musical methods but they got the same love of the Russian fans of the band, that didnt change after two visits of the band to Russia. Old well-known songs had crazy effect, as well as new ones.
During Camouflage's career they became the standard of the quality electronic sound which meanwhile were always more than music from the synthesizers. The band uses as live drums as guitars creating the musing and playing shows. Most critics agree that Camouflage are one of the more interesting bands working in the electronic direction. I fully agree.

Downloads: video Camouflage live, Camouflage fans.

Camouflage live in Apelsin Club
Syntpop band Camouflage in Moscow
German Syntpop group Camouflage in Moscow
17.12.06 20:36 by Alex

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